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It all starts here! This is where we come in - taking you from concept to finished product. Use our expertise and experience of making hundreds of different designs to help you bring your ideas to reality. We understand how important it is at the beginning to build a good working partnership, so if you can, do come and visit the factory but if you can't - no problem - there are lots of other ways for us to get things going.

Please see below for more information about what we need from you and the costs at each stage of development.

1. Design / Prototype Production

You (the customer) will supply MPLG Ltd with any or a combination of the following to enable us to create cutting patterns : CAD drawings / specification sheets / sketches / samples and any other relevant design information.

We charge, depending on the complexity, between £450 - £600 per design to create the cutting patterns and make a prototype for you. If we source the leather / fabric / other fittings for you these will be charged extra at cost.

At the end of this stage we can give you the production price per unit and if you are going to supply the materials, all the usage figures to calculate your total cost.

2. Sales / Exhibition Samples

If you require 1-5 pieces of the design for sales purposes, these can be cut by hand from the above patterns. There is a 50% surcharge on the production unit price for samples produced at this stage.

3. Production

Our usual minimum order quantity (MOQ) per design is 100 pieces. This quantity can be split over colours.

At this stage, we always require cutting tools to be made for production and these can cost £100 - £800 per set depending on the size and complexity of the design.

If you want to supply some or all of the materials, we can work on a labour only (CMT) basis.

4. Credit Terms

For new customers we always ask for full payment in advance on all prototyping work and then for production a 50% deposit in advance with the balance due on completion.

Subsequent terms will be dependent on our standard credit checking procedures.